New Urban Fantasy Release Aug. 22

Demons are growing in mass numbers and destroying vampires, mankind’s protectors. To stop an outbreak of demons, the best field agents from Divine Syndicate and the Union of Justice must work together.

Okay, so you read about Anna and Sale in the first two books. Are you ready to find out if they can work well together? I’ll warn you, this book is filled with action, contains violence and vulgar language. Oh yeah, and it has romance. What are you waiting for? Buy the book and see how these two strong-willed individuals handle the nasty demons wanting to take over the Earth.

Purchase Links: Amazon ~~ Kobo ~~ iTunes ~~ Nook


The scent of his blood and sweat filled her nose. Her canines threatened to extend, but she held them in place.

“I need you to lay down,” she said as she approached him.

Quiet now, he lowered onto the gurney. “And you’re sure you can do this?”

“I told you, I have experience.” She grabbed the bowl from the table.

“How much experience?”

She set the supplies near the side of his sculpted torso. She swallowed hard as her gaze lingered over the curves of his muscles. He had so many she found it difficult to look away. “There was a time when we didn’t have a real office or medical team. We had to take care of ourselves. We cared for injured humans from time to time too.”

She poured the alcohol over a few of the gauze pads and into the bowl. It had been many years since she’d last removed a bullet, but she remembered the process well.

She scooted closer to his hip. Thin dark hair covered a majority of his chest. A line of hair from his navel continued south and disappeared under his jeans. If her heart were alive, it would be beating fast.

“I need to lower your pants,” she said as she unfastened them.

“I hope so.” He scrubbed his forehead with his arm.

His sense of humor brought a smile to her face. “I’ll try not to look.”

He chuckled. “I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of.”

She gripped the edges of his jeans. Underneath them, she felt the hem of his underwear.

“Your fingers are cold,” he said.

“Sorry. Can you lift up a little for me?”

He did and she pulled his clothes down until she’d exposed the bleeding wound. Fortunately, she’d been able to keep his manhood covered, but barely. The outline of it underneath his blue boxers along with his dark hair tempted her to stare.

Swallowing hard, she returned her focus to the hole in his hip. Without wasting any time, she wiped the area clean and then picked up the tweezers.

“This will hurt,” she said as she put her hand near his wound.

“I’m ready.”

He watched her as she brought the tweezers down. More dark fluid spilled from his body as she gently slid the instrument inside him. The beat of his heart accelerated. He balled his fists tight. When she felt the tweezers hit something, she grabbed hold it. She glanced up and found him clenching his jaw while staring at her.

“Almost done,” she said as she carefully pulled the bullet out. Blood flowed faster from the opening. “Do you need to change to stop the bleeding?”


She removed the bullet and dropped it into the bowl with alcohol. Before she could wipe the area with a sterile pad, he rolled to the opposite side of the gurney. His feet hit the floor with a tap and he groaned. While he shoved his pants all the way down, she caught a glimpse of a large tattoo on his back. It looked like lady justice holding scales.

Out of respect, Anna spun away from him. She’d never seen a werewolf shift before and wanted to watch, but the timing seemed inappropriate. His breaths were heavy. She heard snaps and cracks. His sweaty scent grew stronger, but another emerged. It held a more musky almost woodsy type of aroma. The thump of his heart increased. But the strangest detail of all was the wave of heat from behind her. It had to be from him.

She waited until the noises lessened before she stepped to the end of the table. The need to look consumed her. She’d even forgotten about her thirst. Unable to wait any longer, she rounded the gurney. Her eyes widened when she found a four-legged wolf staring at her.

“Wow,” she said. It was the first word to pop into her mind.

The werewolf had radiant green eyes and thick dark fur. He was beautiful. He panted and licked his chops. Slowly, he approached her.

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Happy Release Day for the Divine Justice Series!

It’s release day for Demon Hunter and Demon Tracker. I’m so excited. These two novellas are action-packed and take you into a new world I created. You’ll learn about a main character in each book and the problems each faces. After you read each one, I hope you will be hooked and want to read Crisis Alert to see how the dynamic duo come together to find a resolution. Each novella is currently 99c! They won’t be priced this low forever, so grab them while you can!!

Purchase Links: Amazon ~~ Kobo ~~ iTunes

Purchase Links: Amazon ~~ Kobo ~~ iTunes

And you can pre-order Crisis Alert now!

Crisis Alert is a full-length urban fantasy novel. It’s action packed with mystery, suspense, and romance. Pre-Order your copy using these links: Amazon ~~ Kobo ~~ iTunes

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Christmas in July Sale & Giveaway July 21-27

It’s the middle of summer, and BOY is it hot outside!! You may be thinking you can’t take any more heat, but that was before the Christmas in July Book Fair. For this event, we opened it up to ALL romance genres, not just fantasy (though still LOTS of fantasy, never fear!). So you can get all the delicious literary heat you desire while sitting in a nice, air conditioned room 🙂 But we warn you: you might break a sweat even in the AC!

The Giveaway:

Over twenty books!! Pick your selections on the Rafflecopter to enter. There will be one winner of all the books, and two winners of a smaller bundle.

Click HERE to enter the Book fair and giveaway.

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Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Lovers Book Fair & Giveaway

Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Lovers Book Fair and Giveaway

July 17-31

Can’t get enough paranormal romance and urban fantasy books? We’ve got a Kindle Fire HD 8 loaded with 80 of them ready for one lucky winner to claim!

With bestselling titles from J.R. Ward, Bella Forrest, Christine Feehan, Jeaniene Frost, Karpov Kinrade, Terry Spear, and Gena Showalter among dozens more, not to mention 30+ books donated by the sponsoring authors, this prize package has it all. You could also win one of two runner-up $25 Amazon gift cards.

Enter the Giveaway Here

And while you’re at it, shop our awesome summer book fair with over 30 PNR/UF titles for you to choose from. Check out the Book Fair & Sale HERE.

Feel free to share this with your friends. Sharing is caring!

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New Release from Rosalie Lario

I’m pleased to share a new release from this wonderful author. Be sure to check it out!

When ordinary college student Jewel Harris has an explosive run-in with Luc Zain, the sexiest guy on campus, she realizes she’s not that ordinary after all. She is an elemental from another dimension, gifted with the ability to bend light to her will. And Luc Zain? He’s an elemental guardian, one of the few beings preventing the dark lord of the Nether world from gaining total domination over Earth.

Somehow, Jewel is at the center of it all.

Betrayed by those closest to her, Jewel must partner with Luc to uncover the mystery of her legacy. But Luc has his own secrets. And they’re running out of time.

The dark lord will stop at nothing to get what he wants … and he wants Jewel.

A gripping new urban fantasy romance series by Rosalie Lario. Fans of The Magicians, The Vampire Diaries, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will love this book!

Buy Links:
The Seventh Element (Elemental Guardians #1)
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon AU:
Amazon CA:

Rosalie’s Social Media Links:

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Summer of Mystery & Suspense: Enter to win a Kindle Fire

ENJOY A SUMMER OF Mystery & suspense WITH 25 GREAT bargain priced BOOKS!

Join me with the Cheap Thrills Bookstore and enter to win a FREE brand new Kindle Fire! Stock up and stay cool with these 25 killer books for $3.99 or less…guaranteed to bring all the suspense and mystery you need this summer!


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New Release: The Final Book in the Heaven Sent Series

The final book is now available. Curious to see what will happen to Emily and Andrew? Will they get to spend eternity together in heaven? You’ll have to read the book to find out. But you know me, I torture my characters and nothing is easy for them.

As of the time of this post, I found the book on my publisher’s website for $1.25 less than Amazon. Take advantage of this deal!!! Go to Evernight Publishing and select any format of your choosing.

If you prefer Amazon, you can find the book there too. Click here for Amazon.

It usually takes a couple days for the book to show up on Nook, Kobo, and iBooks.

Happy Reading!!

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