Paranormal Romance Blog Hop Sept. 13-16

I can never get enough paranormal romance. So if there’s a blog hop involving paranormal and books, I’m participating.

In case you didn’t know, I have an urban fantasy series available, Project Eve. The second book comes out NEXT month. I’m very excited! I also have a paranormal romance series available called the Soul Catcher series. There are four books (covers are on the side bar).

Here is an excerpt from Love Conquers All Evil (Soul Catcher #4):

“Mind if I join you?” Drake stepped into the shower, naked and oh-so-yummy looking. His long, solid chest and muscles made my mouth salivate. Better yet, God blessed him with an exquisitely large cock, and it was hard and ready. Staring at the blessed shaft that warmed my insides, my heart thumped faster. 

“Come on in,” I said. 

A grin played upon his lips as he scanned the length of my body. He stepped closer. “I think you forgot something.” He held up a bottle of green bath gel, and shook it. 

“Glad you found it,” I said, my lips stretching into a grin. His elongated cock pointed at me. The temptation to touch him, and take him into me, gnawed at me like a greedy piranha fish. Oh yeah, I wanted him, badly. “Perhaps you can help clean me up.” 

“I would love to help,” he said with a playful gaze. 

The lid on the small bottle snapped as Drake pressed it. I stepped back under the shower while he squeezed the green fluid in the palm of his hand. 

“Turn around. I want to massage your back first.” 

His warm voice, so rich with passion, cajoled me into complying. Anticipation built within me while I faced the wall, waiting patiently for his touch. Damn, I really wished I were staring at his glorious body instead at of the tiles. 

Drake’s hands glided across my shoulders, smoothing the gel in circular movements over my skin. Slowly, his hand traveled down my back. My nipples became hard fast, excited from his stimulating touch. I inhaled a deep breath, and the scent of pear drifted into my nose. 

“Lift your arms,” he said softly. 

I obeyed his request, and pressed my palms on the tiles. Frisk me, Mr. Vampire, please! 

His fingers slid along the sides of my body, close to my breasts but not close enough. The tease made my nipples ache, and ignited a lusty need between my legs. Biting my lip and tilting my head back, I resisted the urge to spin around and claim him. But oh, how I wanted to. 

As his hands slid down my hips, tickling me, I trembled slightly. His thumbs pressed into my body, massaging, rubbing, and kneading. The hungry desire continued to rise within me, along with my temperature, stimulated by his tender loving touch. When his hands slipped away, the loss irritated me. Must. Have. More. 

I glanced over my shoulder. “I hope you weren’t done.” 

Drake poured more green liquid into his hand. Those pink lips I longed to kiss formed a beautiful smile. “Not even close.” 


For this hop, I’m offering one winner:

  • In the Heat of the Bite by Lydia Dare (on paperback)
  • The Devil Inside by Jenna Black (on paperback)
  • winner’s choice of one of my ebooks from the ones currently available

(This is a US/Canadian giveaway only)

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Last chance to enter is Sept 16th. I will select a winner using Winner will be notified Sept. 17th. If I do not hear from the winner within 3 business days, I will use to select another winner.

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Good luck!


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