4.5 Star Review & Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews

I wanted to share with you a very nice review for Immortal Revenge from Night Owl Reviews.

“I must admit, this was my first foray into a Mary Abshire novel. To put it mildly, the novel was fantastic. I honestly had a difficult time putting it down, much to my husband’s chagrin. The story started off on a roller coaster pace and never once slowed down at all. There were so many twists and turns, at times it was a tad challenging to keep up. But it was a fun challenge. The characters, especially Riker, were especially intriguing. I mean, what girl doesn’t adore a brooding, gorgeous (not sparkly) vampire with a heart of gold? I know I do. I certainly hope there are more books in this vein to follow, no pun intended. This is a novel that both new readers and current fans will love, just as much as I did.”

Review can be found HERE

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