Blog Hop #3 March 22-25

Here’s Blog Hop #3 for those 18 & over.

First, here’s an excerpt from Catching An Evil Tail (my 2nd Soul Catcher novel). Half-demon, Jessie, is with an Alpha.

Brilliant green eyes stared at me. “No, this is not business. This is just the two of us getting to know each other without any distractions.”

His gaze strayed to my lips. My breath quickened; I sensed his arousal. He was so close to me. A few inches closer and I could kiss him. Struggling with the desire to touch his lips and taste him, I looked down at the artwork on his torso.

“This is an interesting tattoo.” I ran my palm over the smooth flesh. “Does it hold any special meaning for you?”

“Survival,” he said. “It started out on my arm and shoulder. Over the years, I have lengthened it.”

“Where does it end?” I asked.

“Right now, past my hip bone.” The corners of his lips curled. “Would you like to see the rest of it?”

Yes! Yes! Show me please, my inner demon screamed. “I, uh . . . .”

In one swift motion, he pressed his lips upon mine while his hard body flattened me against the wall. Desire flamed as his strength and energy flowed into me. I let go of the ledge, wrapped my arms around his neck, and curled my legs around his waist. His strong lips kept me glued to his while his delicious tongue—tasting of honey—explored mine. Under the water, his solid muscle pressed against me. Enjoying the feel of his hardness, I let a soft moan slip past my lips. His tongue delved deeper and with feverish strokes. God help me, I didn’t care about air. The demon part of me yearned for him and every bit of love he wanted to give.

“Oh, Jessie,” he said as we both gasped for air. “I have never wanted another woman as much as I want you right now.”

One of his hands strayed under my bikini top. He pinched my hard nipple and squeezed my breast. I gasped as a tingle of excitement spread through me. My body quivered, thirsty for satisfaction. All I wanted to think about was the pleasure he would give me, and the promise for more. But my conscience prodded me. This was too much, too soon. I barely knew the man, and I hadn’t broken off my relationship with Drake. What on earth was I doing?

“Stop.” I braced my hands on his chest. “I can’t do this.”

His tongue glided up my neck, sending a shiver through me. Oh, he felt so warm and pleasing. His hand slithered down my torso and stopped between my legs on the outside of my bikini. Fingers rubbed my sex. He was so close to giving me what my body craved.

“Please, let me have you. Let me give you what you need,” he whispered in my ear.

His warm breath sent a shiver through me.

His fingers pressed into the thin layer of cloth separating me from him. “I know you want this.”

He couldn’t have been more right. I wanted it so badly, but I didn’t want the regret associated with it on my conscience.

“Please, stop,” I said softly.

His lips brushed over mine while his hand slid around and gripped my butt. He pressed his erection against my sex. “I can smell your desire. Your heart is beating fast, Jessie. Why are you fighting this? Is it because of Jeremy?”

I laughed. “No. God no!”

He rubbed his stiff cock against me, and for a moment, I thought about what it would feel like to have him inside, warming me, pulsing, satisfying my need. I closed my eyes, and I swallowed hard. If I stayed too much longer with his body touching mine, I’d give in. The demon would win and get what she wanted.


Did you like it? I hope you enjoyed it! In Catching An Evil Tail, my half-demon is tempted by the hunky werewolf and of course, the demon, Jeremy. Then, there is the noble vampire, Drake. What’s a girl to do? Hmm…

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  1. Kay Dee Royal says:

    Hi Mary – I’d love to be included in your giveaway…love your soul catcher series and I don’t have them all yet.

    Enjoy the blog hop…I’m going to!!

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    I don’t think I will make it through the night….*fanning self*

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    Blog Hopping! Woohoo!

    I love blog hopping! What a great way to discover new authors/blogs and visit with old friends.
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    I don’t have any of your books yet, so count me in. I want all of them LOL.
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win such a fantastic prize!


  5. booksavvybabe says:

    Love it! Considering I have only read book 4, I would love to catch up on the series! I follow you everywhere already 😉 Thanks for the contest! Book Savvy Babe
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    Thanks for being on the blog! I love finding new to me authors! Most definitely being added to my TBR.
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    I want to know what happens! 😉 I have added this one to my TBR. Thank you for sharing and the giveaway!
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    Sounds like a very interesting and hot story, thanks for sharing that great excerpt.

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  12. Mary Abshire says:

    And the winner is… Leigh Savage. Congratulations!

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