Book Cover: Angel Reality
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USDePub: $ 3.99 USD

Searching for answers. Fighting to stay alive.

Chicago is in a state of chaos. Demons and hybrids are consuming the city. Soldiers and vampires are trying to save lives while angels battle demons. But there are too many to fight. Something big is about to happen.

I’m back to get my name cleared, find my mother, and locate the vampire who deadened my memories. I need answers. Why did my mother abandon me if I’m the only one who can open the gates? Why did I have memories altered? My list of questions continues to grow.

I want to fight, to destroy demons, but it’s too risky. As the last Gatekeeper, my life is more important than anyone’s. I must train and learn while civilization continues to deteriorate. More people are dying. The only way to stop the demons is to open the gates.

If only I knew how…

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