Book Cover: Angel Resolve
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USDePub: $ 3.99 USD

Save mankind. End the war.

I am the Gatekeeper and I want to save lives. Demons are working endlessly to rule the Earth. They took over Chicago and are close to taking control of Indianapolis. Once they do, they will continue to push south. The time to make a stand against them must happen soon.

Some of the leaders in Heaven, including my father, don’t want to send more angels to fight. People on Earth are losing hope and causing more trouble. I must find a way to get more troops to come and help us. If they don’t, everyone will suffer and mankind will perish.

I can’t let the demons win the war. If I can persuade my father to send more angels, we will have a chance to survive. I will do anything to save lives, especially those dear to me, and provide a future free from evil for everyone. If I have to fight to my death or give up my soul, so be it. The demons must be destroyed.

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