Book Cover: Angel Revelation
Part of the The Gatekeeper series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USDePub: $ 3.99 USD

Angels want to use her. Demons want to kill her.

The Great Reckoning changed everything. The gates opened and unleashed angels, demons, and banished all magic that hid the supernatural. Technology stopped working. Leaders disappeared. Chaos ensued. Life today is nothing like it was twenty-five years ago.

For several years, demons haven’t caused much trouble in my city. Everyone thinks they’re planning something. Soldiers comprised of werewolves, vampires and other supernatural creatures work with angels to protect us and maintain order while the rest of us struggle to survive. Although I’m a hybrid vampire, I thought I was like everyone else trying to preserve some semblance of civilization in our crazy, messed up world.

Then I found out I was different. I’m the last of my bloodline, and I can make a huge difference in the war between Heaven and Hell.


“They all think you killed the priest and the kids. Everyone wants to see you dead. I can tell you didn’t kill them, but the angels…” Pausing, he leaned back and looked up the hall.

Hearing a soft humming noise, I peered between the bars in the same direction. I couldn’t see far.

“They’re out to get you. They got your name, and now they want you. They have their own means of justice, and I’m guessing it will end with your death.”

“But I’m innocent,” I pleaded.

“Joseph sees you as a bloodthirsty vampire.”

“I’m a hybrid! I’ve never tasted human blood.”

“He doesn’t see a difference.”

“They’ve made a mistake! There has to be another Alex Turner!”

“Angels and soldiers have been searching for months. They hadn’t found any other Alex Turner until they met you.”

“Tell them I’m not lying.”


He gave a shake of his head. “They won’t believe me. They know the person lived in Chicago previously. You moved from there. You fit the profile, and you knew Father Darren. You were last seen with him. Now that Joseph knows you’re a vampire—“

“A hybrid!” I snapped. “I don’t feed from humans.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

I leaned my forehead against the bars as I debated my options. None of them was good. I really wished I knew why they wanted me so I could fix this. How did they get my name anyway?

I lifted my head. “Who did you get your orders from? Who decides to go after people?”

“Different detectives. There’s not one person in charge. We all work together to stop the bloodshed and protect lives.”

“Someone had to give my name. I want to know who.”

“All I know is the directive came from an angel from Chicago. Once the information was shared, every angel and soldier in the city started looking for you. Word spread on the street to the vampires and werewolves. They’ve been helping us search.”

“So an angel from Chicago created a story and ordered everyone to look for me?” Was it that easy?

“We didn’t have a reason not to believe him. He’s an angel.”

I wanted to laugh and scream. Angels were supposed to be the good guys fighting for all of us. Instead, one had crafted a fictitious story that could lead to my death. This was beyond crazy.


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