Book Cover: Demon in Disguise
Part of the Playful Demons series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99 USD
Pages: 112
ePub: $ 0.99 USD

Hell is in need of souls, and Dominick is eager to fill it. The more souls he can gather, the quicker he can achieve a higher status to feed his carnal cravings.

Hearing the call from an innocent, he rushes to claim it. Lucky for him, it's from a woman in need. She's filled with lust for her boyfriend, and has a body Dominick will enjoy devouring. He'll take great pleasure sealing the deal, and he can't wait to take even more pleasure after he brings her to Hell.

Warning: This book contains vulgar language and graphic sex.

Note: This novella was originally published under years ago a pen name. The story hasn't changed.


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