Book Cover: Diary of a Free Woman (Box set)
Part of the Diary of a Free Woman series:
  • Diary of a Free Woman (Box set)
Editions:ePub: $ 1.99 USD
Pages: 451
Kindle: $ 1.99 USD
Pages: 450

A single woman. A dream vacation. Opportunities to explore.

1. Passion in the Sky ~ She's a single woman starting her dream vacation. He's a sexy billionaire stuck on her flight. The mile high club is accepting new members.
2. Passion Blooms in Paris ~ A tour of Paris should always include a sexy Frenchman.
3. Passion Sails at Sea ~ Two sexy Italian men and a private cruise on the Mediterranean. What could be better?
4. Passion at the Opera ~ A performance worthy of a scream.
5. Passion in Restraints ~ Desires fulfilled one spank at a time.
6. Passion at the Castle ~ Desires explored and reveled.
7. Passion in the Heart ~ From a unique encounter to a future filled with love.

Warning: Stories are for mature readers. Books 3 and 6 are menages. Book 5 contains BDSM elements.

Note: This series was originally published under my pen name years ago. The stories have not changed.

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Phillip.Connor@… Still awake?

Gwen quickly sent her reply. Yes. How is work?

Phillip.Connor@…Aggravating, as usual. The chaos never ends.

Sighing, she wondered if his playful nature had died since he seemed occupied on work. The tone of his text seemed to hint at it.

Sorry to hear about your trouble. I hope you get it resolved.

Phillip.Connor@…You can help relieve my frustration if you take a stroll up here. I can’t promise I won’t touch.

The message brought a smile to her face.

Shouldn’t you be focused on work?

Phillip.Connor@…Difficult to do when I can’t get you and everything I want to do to you out of my head.

Excitement rose within her. So he couldn’t get her out of his head. Perhaps she had a chance to make those thoughts turn into reality after all.

Flattery will lead you to trouble.


Phillip.Connor@…Trouble began the minute I laid eyes on you. Seeing your red panties only encouraged my trouble. What’s a single man to do?

She grinned at the screen, glad to discover his playfulness was still intact.

Hmm…good question. What should a single man do?

Phillip.Connor@…This single man waits and plots what he wants to do, which is rip your clothes off, touch you and then lick every inch of your body. Then, he wants to have wild monkey sex with you.

Her temperature climbed. She silently chuckled at his last line.

That kind of trouble sounds like fun. Single woman likes his plan.

Phillip.Connor@…Single man wants single woman to visit. His eyes, among other parts, hunger for her.

If single woman visits, single man may lose focus of his work.

Phillip.Connor@…Focus lost a long time ago. Single man seeks single woman to seduce.

A soft laugh slipped from her. She glimpsed at her neighbors. Since they hadn’t moved, they must not have heard her.

Sounds like an advertisement in a singles column.

Phillip.Connor@…LOL. Not interested in this single man?

Oh, I’m interested.

Phillip.Connor@…Then come up here. I’ll make it worth your while.


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