Book Cover: A Gift to Remember
Part of the Memorable Gifts series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USDePub: $ 2.99 USDPaperback

One man. Two women. A birthday surprise he will never forget.

Carol has spent the last five years working as an assistant for her boss, Thomas Barrett. She enjoys her job, and is a good friend to his wife, Lynn. Every year Lynn asks Carol for assistance in obtaining a gift for Thomas’s birthday. With his big fortieth arriving in a week, Carol expects she’ll need to snoop around the office for Lynn. To Carol’s surprise, Lynn already has an idea for Thomas’s present, and it’s one he will never forget.

Lynn invites Carol to join her and Thomas in a menage a trois. Although shocked, Carol considers such a rare opportunity to broaden her sexuality. But if she joins her boss and his wife in the bedroom, will Carol be able to continue a relationship with them? Moreover, can she keep her job working for Thomas?

Warning: Menage sex (FFM), f/f sex

Note: Both books in this series were originally published under a pen name several years ago. The stories have not changed.

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