Book Cover: Second Demon
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99 USD
Pages: 257
ePub: $ 4.99 USD

He'd prove his love to her and please her, one way or another.

Andrew is eager to destroy his second demon, a lawyer in New York City. With Emily’s help, Andrew searches for a way to complete his task. After stalking the lawyer for a week, they realize killing him will be difficult since he’s a public figure. They visit a nightclub he frequents and Emily befriends one of his clients. Under her alias, Emily portrays a prostitute in an effort to get close to the lawyer. Her role playing efforts pay off until they land her in jail.

Andrew fears he will lose Emily forever if the police discover her true identity. He contacts Emily’s best friend, Troy, for help. In a matter of hours, Andrew has to find a way to destroy the demon so Troy’s lawyer can step in and clear the charges against Emily. While Emily waits in prison she realizes the men in her life are the source of her problems. She considers her future. If she is set free, she wonders if she would be better off on her own.

A few tunes referenced in book: On a Good Day, I Am What I Am, Miracle, Satellite


“I’m not quite sure how to start a conversation with a prostitute,” she said before she sipped her drink.

“Tell her she has a nice dress. Women like it when you compliment their clothes or hair.”

“That’s good. I can start with that.”

“Or you could say you’re new in town and looking for clients. I could walk up and ask how much you charge so the story sounds more believable.”

Laughter burst from her. “I’m a hooker, yeah right.” She poured more booze in her mouth. Was he crazy? Who would believe her?

“Hey, it’s an idea. I can offer some money for your services.” He finished his beer.

Emily snapped her fingers. “No, you could be my pimp. Yeah…”

His eyes widened along with his smile. “If I get to be in charge of who you have sex with, then I’m totally in for this.”

The story kept getting funnier. She wasn’t surprised he wanted to be her pimp. He had one heck of a wild imagination.

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