Book Cover: Second Package Raises the Dead
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 247
ePub: $ 2.99 USDPaperback: $ 7.99 USD
ISBN: 1982047143
Pages: 264

Some words should never be spoken.

Following the death of her great-grandparents, Daisy starts learning how to manage the family antique business. Her grandfather teaches her many tasks, including how to handle the special deliveries. Besides her grandparents, only Daisy knows about the secret artifacts passing through the warehouse. When one arrives, she’s eager to process it to show she’s the right gal for the job. After she examines the special package, she sends it on, per the instructions. Running Warren Antiques doesn’t seem difficult. But when an unexpected visitor shows up at her front door, she realizes the danger involved in the family trade and fears she won’t be able to keep the secret hidden much longer.


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