Book Cover: Sixth Surprise
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99 USD
Pages: 210
ePub: $ 4.99 USD

Andrew’s days on earth are dwindling. He delays searching for the demon he must destroy so he can spend more time with the woman his heart yearns for. Eager to please Emily, he secures a rental house on a beach. He savors every minute in her loving embrace. When she confirms she is carrying his child, life seems almost perfect.

Emily’s emotions are out of control. She struggles to deal with losing Andrew in the future and having to raise their child alone in a world filled with violence and evil. Adding to her stress, a man shows up on their doorstep and asks for Andrew. He is an enforcer, sent to ensure those from heaven fulfill the terms of their sentence. Although he’s from the kingdom above, Emily doesn’t trust him.

As if the demon lurking under the façade of a priest isn’t enough of a surprise, the enforcer takes Emily hostage, almost knocks her unconscious, and threatens more harm if Andrew doesn’t kill the priest in two days. Andrew fears for Emily’s safety and his unborn child’s. He must find a way to destroy the demon, but once he succeeds the clock will start ticking for his return to heaven.

Tunes referenced in book: Power of Love, We Will Rock You


From the hall, she returned to the kitchen. She grabbed two bottles from the refrigerator and let the door close on its own. On her way to the back door, she heard a knock from the front. She stopped and spun around.

She stood still while her pulse picked up speed. Who would be at their rental home? Nobody knew where they were except Matt. Andrew hadn’t told her he planned to visit. Was there a cleaning crew that came in to clean the house? Andrew hadn’t mentioned it, but maybe the rental facility preferred to check in on folks and make sure things were tidy. She set the bottles on the countertop before she headed to the entryway.


A second knock came by the time she reached the door. She slowly opened it. The man standing outside had a frame similar to Andrew’s, short dark hair, and overgrowth on his face. He wore jeans and a dark t-shirt. In one arm, he carried a leather jacket. If she took a guess, he was in his late twenties. He pushed up his dark shades and revealed his green eyes.

“Hi, love. Is Andrew here?” he asked in a British accent.

She stared at the stranger. How did he know Andrew? How would he have known where to find him? Andrew had mentioned he’d spent almost twenty years in London serving a punishment while in heaven. Could he have met Andrew then? But why would he be on Earth?

“Cat got your tongue, miss?” he asked.

“Who are you?”

“Name’s Steven. Is Andrew here? He’s about my height, has short dark hair like mine, and came from heaven. He died in 1989 in a car accident with his parents.”

Fear spiked within her. How could he know such details unless he’d met Andrew? But how did he know where to find him? “How do you know he’s here?”

His lips curled on one side. The mischievous expression added beats to her heart.

“Well, I’m from heaven too.”

His words seemed too incredible to believe. Yet, how else could he know Andrew? So the next question became, why did he want to see Andrew? Did he intend to bring Andrew back early?

Steps behind alerted her to Andrew’s presence. “Who is it?” He came to stand beside her. “What the…”

“Hey, mate. How’s it going?” Steven said.

Andrew stared with wide eyes. He pointed to Steven. “I saw you the day I got sentenced in heaven. You were heading to see the council.”


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