Book Cover: The Evil Next Door
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Jessie is enjoying life as she settles into her new home with Jeremy in New Mexico. She’s ready to fulfill her agreement with the demon, but the doctor delays her plans. While she continues to recover from her ordeal with the VETOV, she learns women on the Indian reservation next door are being abused, raped, and sometimes murdered. Jessie starts her own investigation and with the help of a Chief, she’s able to trace years of mistreatment to three men.

Jeremy doesn’t want her risking her life to deal with the problem. Seeking to protect her, he pleads with her to let him handle the issue. Tension between the two escalates as she takes matters into her own hands. When he proves his devotion to her in ways she never imagined, she discovers her true feelings for the demon. But can they work together to end the violence toward women on the reservation?

Warning: This book contains vulgar language, violence, and graphic sex.

Note: This book was originally published in 2015. The story hasn’t changed.


A squeak from one of the steps on the staircase alerted me to someone approaching. I strode back and forth in the room, trying to calm myself. When Jeremy appeared in the open doorframe, I continued pacing.

"So we wait," he said with a sigh.

I paused, facing him. "It's fucking bullshit. I'm pretty much healed. I've been moving around and doing things for two weeks now."

"Maybe that's the problem," he said as he entered the room. "You've been doing too much."

I glared at him, then started pacing again. "This isn't fair. I can do things. We should be able to do things."

"You're healing, but not enough for the stitches to come out." He moved closer.

Still outraged, I shook my head.

Jeremy gripped my arms and brought me to a halt. "Stop and think about what you went through. Those fuckers sliced you open, Jessie. Then they used a saw to cut through your bones."

"My bones are fine."


"That's not the point," he said, his voice slightly elevated. "Flesh wounds take longer to heal. This isn't some cut or scratch."

His words added fuel to my fury. "I know, okay!" I shoved his arms away, then sat on the bed. "I just wanted a kiss and to feel you close to me. What's the harm in that?"

He rushed at me and I raised my hands. He gripped my wrists, then threw me down onto my back. My heart jumped, stunned by his sudden move.


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