Book Cover: Third Package Reveals Secrets
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 250
ePub: $ 2.99 USDPaperback: $ 7.99 USD
ISBN: 1984111078
Pages: 248

Some secrets should remain hidden.

Running the family business keeps Daisy busy. She loves her job, until there’s a problem involving a special package. When her brother, Ren, turns up missing, she suspects his disappearance could be related to an ancient artifact delivered to the shop. The days of hiding the family secret may be over.

Complicating her job, an Ambassador at the Vatican wants her assistance in returning sacred artifacts. In an effort to persuade her, he tells her about Tristan’s past. While the news stuns her, she declines the Ambassador’s request. He makes it clear he’ll do anything to obtain her cooperation. The lives of those she cares about may now be in danger.

Managing Warren Antiques just became more challenging.


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