Contemporary Romance

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diary of a free woman Ebook 1800x2700

Gwenevere is about to fulfill a life long dream. With a wealth of vacation time, she leaves her grown children and sets out to travel across Europe.

At the beginning of her journey, she bumps into a sexy billionaire on the airplane and he can’t take his eyes off her.

From London, Gwen heads to the Louvre in France. A well-known French actor admires her beauty more than the artwork.

After a visit in Paris, Gwen travels to Italy. Two brothers, twins, take an interest in her and offer to take her to a private island where the three of them can bask and play in the sun.

Gwen’s next stop is in Vienna. She runs into a politician and he requests her company for a memorable night at the opera.

In Amsterdam, a devilishly handsome stranger invites Gwen to his club. She can’t resist the opportunity to explore.

Reaching the final days of her European tour, she stays at an old, well-known castle. A wealthy couple pays special attention to Gwen and encourage her to join them while they tour the castle grounds.

Upon her return home, she seeks to continue a relationship with one of the men she met. But is she ready to give up her freedom for love?

Reader warning: One of the seven short stories is m/f/m. Another short story is m/f/f. The remaining five are m/f. All contain vulgar language and graphic sex. This series is suitable for mature readers.

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Diary Boxed Set Transparent


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Meet the Reynolds–seven sisters living in a small town called Lonewood. Each one longs to find Mr. Right. But will they?

This box set is a collection of 7 short stories, one for each sister.

Nikki’s Story
Kate’s Story
Heather’s Story
Penny’s Story
Alison’s Story
Lisa’s Story
Brenda’s Story

Warning: Alison’s story contains menage sex, anal sex, bondage, and spanking.


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