Fall In Love

The books in the Fall In Love series can be read in any order. They are stand alone books within the series. All are clean paranormal romances (no sex).

Love is a dream. And dreams can come true.

Lynn is on a break from her stressful job and the chaos in Chicago to attend her best friend’s wedding. Before arriving, she travels through a Canadian wildlife reserve where her grandparents once lived. Little did she know the reserve is home to creatures other than the typical bear and moose.

Marcel lives a peaceful life on the reserve. Having experienced enough bad relationships, he’d given up hope falling in love. But after he saves the life of a young woman and discovers a deep desire he can’t ignore, he starts to believe he might have found Mrs. Right. Even if she’s just human, he longs to protect her and win her love.

Thrown into a world completely different from what she’s used to, Lynn struggles to accept the truth about Marcel and the reserve. But he’s unlike any man she’s ever met. She starts to wonder if Marcel is the one who can make her truly happy. Can she cast away her fears and doubts for a chance at love and happiness?


Coming October 29, 2019

The Vampire I Fell In Love With

Fate works in mysterious ways.

Calinda’s life is about to change. First, she needs to remember her name, where she came from, and where she was heading. After a strange man offers to help her, she can’t ignore the attraction she feels for him. As she learns more about him, she starts to believe fate brought them together.

Demetri has spent several centuries on the reserve. He’d given up on the idea of love long ago. But after he meets an unusual young woman, he can’t deny his curiosity and longing for her. Although she’s different from other women, he believes love is out of reach for him, especially since she’s a witch.

As Demetri helps Cali and her memories return, she realizes he is unlike any man she’s met. She believes he is the one and only for her. He thinks her beliefs have misguided her. How can Cali convince a stubborn, centuries-old vampire they were meant for each other? Will Demetri take a leap of faith with Cali, or will he miss his opportunity for true love?