The Gatekeeper

This urban fantasy series is action-packed with no romance and a lot of violence.

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The Great Reckoning changed everything. The gates opened and unleashed angels, demons, and banished all magic that hid the supernatural. Technology stopped working. Leaders disappeared. Chaos ensued. Life today is nothing like it was twenty-five years ago.

For several years, demons haven’t caused much trouble in my city. Everyone thinks they’re planning something. Soldiers comprised of werewolves, vampires and other supernatural creatures work with angels to protect us and maintain order while the rest of us struggle to survive. Although I’m a hybrid vampire, I thought I was like everyone else trying to preserve some semblance of civilization in our crazy, messed up world.

Then I found out I was different. I’m the last of my bloodline, and I can make a huge difference in the war between Heaven and Hell.


Chicago is in a state of chaos. Demons and hybrids are consuming the city, controlled by demons. Soldiers and vampires are trying to save lives while angels battle demons. But there are too many to fight. Something big is about to happen.

I’m back to get my name cleared, find my mother, and locate the vampire who deadened my memories. I need answers. Why did my mother abandon me if I’m the only one who can open the gates? Why did I have memories altered? My list of questions continues to grow.

I want to fight, to destroy demons, but it’s too risky. As the last Gatekeeper, my life is more important than anyone’s. I must train and learn while civilization continues to deteriorate. More people are dying. The only way to stop the demons and end the war is to open the gates.

If only I knew how…


My birthday is coming soon, and with it comes angelic abilities. Ezekiel is helping me to prepare, but I still don’t know how to open the damn gates. I tried several times, and nothing worked. If I can’t open them, everyone will suffer.

A new angel shows up. He claims we were lovers. I don’t remember him because my memories are deadened. What the angel tells me only brings more questions and confusion. Why would Vincent send him? What is the vampire leader in Chicago hiding? I long to get answers from him, but he’s trying to prevent the demons and hybrids from taking over the city.

I have little time. Demons are gaining ground. People are dying and want to exchange angels for food. Now that I’ve learned why I had my memories deadened, I have a bigger reason to destroy the evil beasts. There’s so much at stake, and it seems Heaven is in a state of chaos. If I can open the gates, I don’t know if enough angels will come to defend mankind. One thing is certain, if I don’t open them, demons will win the war.


I am the Gatekeeper, and I want to save lives. Demons are working endlessly to rule the Earth. They took over Chicago and are close to taking control of Indianapolis. Once they do, they will continue to push south. The time to make a stand against them must happen soon.

Some of the leaders in Heaven, including my father, don’t want to send more angels to their deaths. People on Earth are losing hope and causing more trouble. I must find a way to get more troops to come and fight. If they don’t, everyone will suffer. Without help, mankind will perish.

I can’t let the demons win the war. If I can get support, persuade my father and the others to send more angels, we will have a chance to survive. I will do anything to save the lives of those I love, and provide a future free from evil for everyone. If I have to fight to my death or give up my soul to save them, so be it. The demons must be destroyed.