Warren Antiques

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Life is peachy keen for Daisy Warren. Having dropped out of college, she decides to relax until her time comes to take over the family antique business. But when her eighty-nine-year-old great-grandmother, Lily, is kidnapped for a sacred artifact she took from the shop, Daisy learns the truth about the family profession. In a race against time, Daisy must find Lily and the priceless package while keeping the rest of the family in the dark about the relic and kidnapping. In less than twelve hours, Daisy’s life changes in ways she’d never imagined.


Following the death of her great-grandparents, Daisy starts learning how to manage the family antique business. Her grandfather teaches her many tasks, including how to handle the special deliveries. Besides her grandparents, only Daisy knows about the secret artifacts passing through the warehouse. When one arrives, she’s eager to process it to show she’s the right gal for the job. After she examines the special package, she sends it on, per the instructions. Running Warren Antiques doesn’t seem difficult. But when an unexpected visitor shows up at her front door, she realizes the danger involved in the family trade and fears she won’t be able to keep the secret hidden much longer.


Running the family business keeps Daisy busy. She loves her job, until there’s a problem involving a special package. When her brother, Ren, turns up missing, she suspects his disappearance could be related to an ancient artifact delivered to the shop. The days of hiding the family secret may be over.

Complicating her job, an Ambassador at the Vatican wants her assistance in returning sacred artifacts. In an effort to persuade her, he tells her about Tristan’s past. While the news stuns her, she declines the Ambassador’s request. He makes it clear he’ll do anything to obtain her cooperation. The lives of those she cares about may now be in danger.

Managing Warren Antiques just became more challenging.


In the short time Daisy has managed Warren Antiques, she’s learned not to mess around with the rare artifacts secretly passing through the shop. But accidents happen.

Daisy and her sister, Danica, have been at odds with each other for many years. Since Daisy inherited the family trade, Danica has been looking for ways to prove she will ruin the business. To avoid a fight that could lead to revealing the truth behind the business, Daisy tries to stay away from Danica. But when Daisy learns Danica might be infected with a lethal poison from a special package delivered to the warehouse, Daisy must rush to find her sister. Lives are at stake as Danica can spread the deadly toxin. Without a cure, Daisy fears she will lose another member of her family.


For centuries, Tristan has procured sacred, cursed, and one-of-a-kind artifacts in an effort to protect mankind. The relics were kept hidden and safe until the Nazis invaded. Not only did they steal the rare objects from his vault, they kidnapped a fellow Knights Templar. If the enemy discovers what the relics can do and that his friend can read the spell books, the war could take a turn for the worse.

Disguised as a British soldier, Tristan joins the Allied Forces to track down his friend and the priceless goods taken from his shop. When soul-sucking spirits attack them, it becomes clear the enemy discovered a way to cast spells. With mankind’s future at stake, Tristan must act quickly before the enemy can raise an army of the dead and spread more evil on Earth.

Note: This book is told from Tristan’s point of view. You can read it first, or last. To make the series more interesting, read it last.