Catching an Evil Tail Coming Feb. 26

Good news to share — Catching an Evil Tail will be available on February 26th. As soon as I have the cover art, I’ll share it.

Here’s a small teaser from Catching an Evil Tail:

“Alan, I have to admit that you are nothing like I thought you would be.”

His lips stretched into a wide smile, showing off a great set of white teeth. “What did you think I would be like?”

He floated in front of me and I caught the blur of his boxers underneath the water. With my back was against the wall, I used both hands to hold onto the concrete near my head. Alan drifted closer, then grabbed hold of the ledge on the other side of me and steadied his movements.

“I thought you might be cocky, self-assured, demanding…”

“You confuse me with Jeremy,” he said, and we both laughed. “He has the fire of a demon and the protective instincts of a wolf.”

“That’s a good description of him,” I said as my gaze lingered over the tattoo on his neck and shoulder. “Every day, I find myself wishing I’d never met him.”

I let go of the wall with one hand, and it slipped into the water. The temptation to touch his chest grew into an obsession. I wanted to trace my fingers along the dark edges of his tattoo.

As if Alan could sense my desire, he grazed my shoulder with his hand. The soft touch spawned an increase in my pulse and drew my attention away from the artwork on his body.

“Demons can be troublesome,” he said. “I hesitate to do business with any demon. But with you, I will make an exception.”

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