Catching an Evil Tail $2.99 during September

Sharing news about another great deal. During the month of September, you can get the 2nd Soul Catcher novel for 50% off the regular price (now $2.99). This is a bargain! So what are you waiting for? Go get it and tell your friends!!


My sexy bad boy demon, Jeremy, in the photo above says Hey ladies, read this book and check me out. I’m better than that sucky vampire, Drake. I’ll keep you warm at night. 😉


“Tell me, brother, am I wrong to think your Alpha has more than a passing interest in her?” Jeremy asked.

“You don’t have to answer that, Ryan. He’s just jealous,” I said in haste.

“I think she deserves to know,” Jeremy said. “Don’t you?”

Ryan shook his head. “Maybe he does, but that’s his business and hers. Am I right, Jessie?” His gaze shifted from Jeremy to me.

Jeremy held a look of intense revulsion. I’d seen the look before when he was around Drake. If we were in Vegas, I’d bet my wages Jeremy despised Alan as much as he despised Drake.

“Jer, I’m not your girlfriend or your property. If he’s interested in me, I can handle him. I have a boyfriend named Drake. Remember?”

“A boyfriend who hasn’t called you. A boyfriend who’s been gone far longer than he told you.”

I put my hands on my hips. “There’ve been complications.” Not that it was any of his business.

“Oh really?” He arched a brow. “In six weeks he couldn’t resolve the issues? What are they anyway? Did he tell you?”

We were getting away from the subject. “It doesn’t matter. I’m committed to him. And if Alan does have a personal interest in me beyond business, I’ll handle him.”

“Will you? Because you didn’t mind him touching your hand,” Jeremy said, and my anger cranked up. “Maybe I should just call your blood-sucking boyfriend and tell him what’s going on here.”

I exploded like a firecracker. I swung my arm and slapped my palm across his face. Jeremy’s head jerked to the side from the force of my blow. My hand stung and I hoped his cheek did too. I raised my hand to hit him again, but Ryan stopped me. He locked his arms around my ribs and lifted me off the ground.

“You’re a motherfucker, Jeremy, and I hate you!” I shouted as Ryan lugged me away from the demon.

“You need to calm down.” Ryan planted my feet on the ground.

He stood in front of me, blocking me from Jeremy. I peered around him.

Jeremy held his hand to his face where I’d slapped him. Meeting my eyes, he laughed. “God damn, honey! I think you gave me a hard-on.”

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