Fourth Fight Release Date March 22nd

Have you started the Heaven Sent series? No??? If you like #romance and #suspense, odds are good you’ll like my latest series.

“This was a five-star read for me because I could not put it down. It was just so different and easy to get sucked into. The characters are so richly written that I feel as if I know these people.” 5 Stars from Stephanie on Amazon.

“This book is an exciting, nail biting thriller with a little humor. “ 5 Star review from Heather on Amazon.

FOURTH FIGHT has a release date of March 22nd. Three more novels will be released in the series. One each month. There will be a total of SEVEN. If you want to read the blurbs, click here.

Here’s an excerpt from THIRD LOVE:

“I’m guessing you don’t like my plan,” he said.

She stirred the coffee and the spoon clanked against the cup. “Where did we meet, Spencer?”

His mouth hung open. Once again, she’d surprised him. “Uh, college?”

“Class or party?” She set the spoon down and then took a sip of java.

He inhaled a deep breath. “Party at dorm. We talked. We danced. You gave me your number. I gave you a kiss. We started dating after that.”

“Which college?”

“Loyola University.”

“What did we do after college?” she asked before she took another drink.

Her calmness impressed him. It was as if she supported the fictional tale, but wanted all the details to be in the right place. He’d gladly give them to her.

“We lived together in an apartment. The rent was expensive. We were barely making ends meet. You worked at a tech job and I was a nurse. After a few years of being madly in love, I asked you to marry me. We had a nice wedding,” he said.

One of her brows arched. “Madly in love?”

“Absolutely,” he said with a slight grin as he stared into her blue eyes. His cock slowly awakened.

Her lips twitched as if she were fighting a smile. “So we’ve been married a few years?”

“Yes, and the sex is spectacular. You can’t get enough.”

She shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Why did we move?”

“We were scraping by. You hated your job and decided you could make more on your own. Then I got laid off due to cut-backs at the hospital. Since you wanted to be closer to your parents and living in Missouri is cheaper than Chicago, we decided to move here.”

She tapped her fingers on the table. “It’s good. Very believable.”

“It will look better if we act the part, of course.” He had to mention it even though he suspected she’d refuse.

“No one will see what happens behind closed doors. Wherever we live, we sleep in separate rooms.”

“Can we at least hold hands?”



“No,” she said with more emphasis behind it.

“But it would give the appearance we’re a couple. It’s just a small gesture,” he argued.

“Fine,” she said flatly. “But only if other people are around.”

He mentally patted himself on the back for his small victory. “We’ll need to get rings.”


He lifted his left hand and rubbed his thumb on the underside of his ring finger. “We need bands.”


“Can’t we find some cheap ones at a pawnshop?”

She dug into her purse. Seconds later, she set her phone on the table. “I can’t believe I’m agreeing to be your wife.”

“Hey now, I’m a very loving husband. I fulfill your needs time and time again.”

A chuckle slipped out of her while she stared at the cell screen. “You seem so sure.”

“Do you think I can’t?” His erection grew. He was more than ready to show her how much he could please her.

“Well, that’s debatable.” She grinned. “There’s a couple pawnshops around here we can check after we eat. Not all are open early, but one is. We can see what they have there.”

She’d tried to change the subject, but he wouldn’t let her. He leaned back against the cushioned booth and spread his legs so his jeans wouldn’t feel as restrictive. “I’m more than happy to prove I can fill your needs, sweet wife of mine.”

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