Happy Release Day for the Divine Justice Series!

It’s release day for Demon Hunter and Demon Tracker. I’m so excited. These two novellas are action-packed and take you into a new world I created. You’ll learn about a main character in each book and the problems each faces. After you read each one, I hope you will be hooked and want to read Crisis Alert to see how the dynamic duo come together to find a resolution. Each novella is currently 99c! They won’t be priced this low forever, so grab them while you can!!

Purchase Links: Amazon ~~ Kobo ~~ iTunes

Purchase Links: Amazon ~~ Kobo ~~ iTunes

And you can pre-order Crisis Alert now!

Crisis Alert is a full-length urban fantasy novel. It’s action packed with mystery, suspense, and romance.┬áPre-Order your copy using these links: Amazon ~~ Kobo ~~ iTunes

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