Man of Steel Review

Congrats to the directors and producers for making a new era of Superman. I’ve seen all the other Superman movies and wanted to compare this one. For those who like fantasy, action, science-fiction and a good ol’ fashion Americanism, you will enjoy this new version of Superman.

The fantasy part of this movie intrigued me. The Krypton was a different world with flying creatures and embryos being harvested under water. Compared to the Krypton I’d seen/imagined from the other Superman movies, I like this new version and seeing how it was destroyed.

The story went well. From start to finish, it ran smoothly with a few humorous lines and one scene that had most a bit teary. The flashbacks of Superman’s past were a great way to reveal the real man underneath the costume.

The action was fast paced and I didn’t think the scenes were too long until the end. Maybe five minutes could’ve been trimmed. Maybe.

I’m a futuristic, sci-fi lover. So the the technology and futuristic feel of the movie was one I liked. It seemed a bit dark at times, which was totally fine with me.

The man who played Superman is someone I’m not familiar with. He looked damn hot all scruffy looking AND clean cut. I believe most of females will concur with a line at the end of the film when a female officer makes a comment about Superman.

This was a really good summer movie and I enjoyed it on the big screen. If you get a chance to see it, I encourage you to do so.

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