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Do you like your paranormal romance extra steamy? Well, I have a short story for you and I think you’ll like my version of Hell.

Jennifer is in love with her handsome and charming boyfriend, Brian. Months of kissing and exploring each other’s bodies have left her starving for deeper satisfaction. Yet Brian denies her. Jennifer vents her frustration to her best friend, Sally, and jokingly says she’d sell her soul for one night of passion with Brian. When he shows up later and fulfills her every desire, Jennifer believes their relationship is moving forward.

Life is spectacular, until the next time they consummate their love. Jennifer notices a few differences from their first wild encounter, and when she questions Brian, he denies having sex with her before.

Jennifer turns to Sally for answers, and they soon discover Jennifer unknowingly made a bargain with a demon. Brian loves her. Sally wants to help her. Can love and friendship save her from an eternity in Hell?

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Warning: this book contains vulgar language and graphic sex.


“Are you all right? You seem…distant. And what’s with your voice? Getting sick?”

“Sorry. Long night. I’ll be fine.”

“Long night?” Sally sipped on her iced tea. After she set the glass down, she flipped her brunette hair over her shoulder. “What did you do after we talked?”

“I fell asleep.”

Sally’s brows furrowed. “How is that a long night if you were sleeping?”

Jennifer took a drink of her coffee. The latte had the right amount of caffeine she needed.

“I didn’t sleep much. Brian came over.”

Sally froze. “He showed up at your dorm?”

Jennifer nodded.

“What happened?”

Jennifer smiled and leaned over the table, closer to her friend. “I had the best sex ever.”

“What?” Sally slid the plate with her uneaten food to the side. “I’m confused.”

Jennifer leaned back against the booth. “Me, too.”

“I thought you said he never pursued anything past foreplay.”

“He didn’t, until last night. It was…strange, but incredibly satisfying.”

Sally shook her head. “Okay, so he shows up and bangs you all night long, or morning.”

“Pretty much.”

“After he avoided sex with you for four months.”


Sally tapped her hand on the table. “Don’t you think that’s odd?”

“I can’t begin to explain how unusual I think it is, but the sex was fucking amazing.” Her cheeks started to feel sore from smiling so widely.

“I am so confused.” Sally rubbed her forehead.

“I don’t know what happened to him this morning. It was as if he were someone else.”

“It was Brian, right? Did you have too much to drink?”

“I had one beer, and yes, it was Brian. I know what my boyfriend looks like.” At least, she thought she knew. She’d sucked Brian’s dick plenty of times. Yet, his cock seemed twice the size inside her. She had to be losing her mind. Dicks couldn’t double in size when they’re erect.

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