New Release: First Kill (Heaven Sent #1)


The first book in my new series is finally here. Are you ready for it? I’m excited about it. Here’s the blurb:

Andrew enjoys the company of women, perhaps too much. The council in heaven has had enough of his sexual promiscuities and they’ve sentence him to return to earth to destroy demons. To make matters more difficult, if he has sex with a woman he has to stay an extra year. Without clothes, money, or food, his task seems impossible.

Emily is in a world of trouble. She leaves her family, job, and home in Chicago to start a new life. As she’s driving along a country road, she discovers a naked man lying in the middle of it. He’s incredibly built, sculpted to perfection, and blessed with a fine package south of his navel. When he asks for her help, she can’t resist.

Over the next several days, Emily’s sanity is tested. Andrew struggles to keep his hands to himself. Emily seeks the truth from Andrew while he endeavors to kill a demon. What she discovers frightens her. Angels, demons, heaven and hell exist. Determined to help Emily change her future, Andrew offers her a deal. But is heaven the best eternal resting place?

Where can you buy it? Well as of the time of this post, I found three links. My publisher has the best deal right now, save $1.25. ARe has a small discount too. Both sites offer various formats. Yes, you can go to Amazon, but it’s full price. I haven’t seen the book on Kobo, Barnes, or iTunes yet. When I find them, I’ll update my website. I’m guessing it will be a few days for them.

Buy Links: Amazon ~ Evernight Publishing ~ ARe

I hope you check out my new series. The second book may be available in January (fingers crossed). Here’s the cover for it:



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