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The latest book in the Heaven Sent series is here. At the time of this post, it’s only available at my publisher’s website. I expect the book will appear on Amazon soon and the other vendor sites in the near future. But why purchase it on Amazon when you can SAVE MONEY by buying it at Evernight Publishing?? And you can get it on any format!!

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Andrew rolled over to his other side. From the open windows he heard the ocean waves hitting the beach. He hadn’t been able to sleep well since they’d turned in for the night. Emily had kept a distance from him all afternoon and evening. In bed, she refused to cuddle with him. He’d tried to sleep close to her backside, but she’d asked for more space. They’d always slept close to each other. Loneliness had begun to consume him from not being able to touch her. Needless to say, he couldn’t snooze much.

He slowly moved his hand over the bed, hoping his fingers would bump into her. When they didn’t, he stretched his arm further. Feeling only the soft sheet, he opened his eyes. He should’ve seen the woman he loved lying nearby, but he didn’t.

Surprised by her absence, he sat upright and gazed around the dark room. A nightlight from the hall aided his vision. The fan above circulated air while the curtains drifted away from the windows. Nothing appeared out of place, except Emily had disappeared.

He tossed the cover aside. The boxers he’d left on the floor hadn’t walked away like Emily had. As he slid them on, he wondered if she’d decided to sleep in another room. He realized she’d been upset with him, but he had thought she would get over it.

After leaving the bedroom, he proceeded to the next one. The blanket on the bed appeared untouched. He strode down the hall, passing by the dark bathroom. When he reached the remaining bedrooms he found them the same as the others. Empty.

The stairs leading down were two feet away. He descended the steps, wondering if she’d chosen to watch more television or sleep on the sofa. After rounding the staircase, he approached the back of the couch. The pillows on each end hadn’t been moved. Finding no sign of her presence, he strode to a point where he could see into the dark room with the TV. The empty chairs looked the same way they’d left them earlier.

“Emily?” he called out.

He headed into the dining room. The house remained quiet.

“Emily?” he said louder.

He strode through the dark kitchen and came out near the entryway. The locks on the front door hadn’t changed. He passed the stairs as he headed through the house to reach the back door. Before he opened it, he noticed the lock hadn’t been secured. Pushing the screen forward, he stepped onto the cold concrete porch.


He walked around the corner. All the chairs on both sides were empty. He turned to the ocean. The porch light illuminated most of the back yard, but he couldn’t see the beach in the darkness. The globe from the lighthouse circled in the sky.

His thoughts began to race while his heart gained extra beats. Had he pissed her off so much she’d decided to leave him? Had someone broke into the house and kidnapped her? No, she would’ve fought back. Unless she’d been drugged. But who would want to kidnap her? One name came to mind, but she hadn’t spoken to Troy since they’d parted ways in San Diego. He wouldn’t have been able to find her.

Andrew returned inside the home. He strode into the dining room and found her purse lying on the table where she’d left it. He dug inside her bag and withdrew her keys and phone. The beat of his heart increased along with his worry. She wouldn’t have left without money or means of transportation. Unless she walked out and planned to hitch a ride.

He ran his hand through his hair as he ambled between the dining and living rooms. Yes, she’d been mad at him. She’d been quiet all day and night. She’d kept a distance from him too. Kissing and touching had ceased. But had she been angry enough to walk away with his child?

The woman he loved had a strong temper and independent side. She also liked to be in control. Maybe she’d thought Andrew was trying to limit her freedom by telling her to stay home. He hadn’t intended for her to think in such a way. He merely wanted her to stay away from demons. Had he been too demanding? She had been good at stalking demons in the past. Driving around to learn information about one shouldn’t cause a problem. Maybe he had overreacted a little, but he only wanted to protect her and his child.

He remembered the time he’d infuriated her in New York. They hadn’t been romantically involved at the time, but she’d come close to saying goodbye. If she’d been willing to turn away after an argument before, he suspected she could at any time, especially if she thought he was encroaching on her independence or trying to take away her ability to be in control.

Panic began to squeeze his heart. He didn’t want to believe she’d left him over such a minor argument, but he doubted someone had broken in and kidnapped her. There was one other place he knew of to check for her.

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