Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook

Friday night is typically the night my daughter and I go to dinner, run a few errands, shop, and then take in a movie. Maybe not all of that, but certainly dinner and a movie.

The movie choice this past week was Silver Linings Playbook. From the previews, I thought it would be a romantic comedy. So did several people I spoke to. This was not the case, and kudos to the marketing team! The movie had romance and some comedy, just a pinch, but it was more drama. I understand why the marketing team lured us in with comedy because had they shown more drama the ticket sells for the movie probably would’ve been less. Comedy sells better than drama.

Anyway, the hero in the movie is bipolar and has some issues to deal with. The big one being a divorce and how he caught his wife cheating. The heroine is a recent widow. They both have personalities that are unique and work together–feed off each other. I love the dialogue and relationship portrayed between them. It worked. I figured out early on what the heroine was doing and clearly his eyes were not open. (the romance builds)

Spoiler alert. Don’t read on if you don’t want to know the ending.

The ending was rushed, in my opinion. I enjoyed watching as the hero finally opens his eyes, but the heroine didn’t know it. She thinks he’s going back to his wife and runs out. Gee, this sounds like a typical romance. But really, he’s moved on from his wife and runs after the heroine. Yay! He stops her and gives her a letter. She thinks it’s for his wife, but as she reads it she discovers he is in love with her.

The “aw” moment is here. As a romance writer and lover, I enjoy watching those moments.

A crazy relationship turns into a match made in heaven.

There were several good laughs, but most of the movie is the hero coming to terms with his issues and finding love in a crazy world. Are they the crazy ones, or is life? Does life drive us to the point of going crazy?

Daughter and I gave the movie the thumbs up, meaning its a good one to see.

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  1. indytony says:

    I appreciate reading your perspective on this fine movie.

    I just saw “Silver Linings Playbook” yesterday and thought it was a fantastic film that simply went terribly wrong in the end. As someone with Bipolar, I’m looking to build a dialogue about it. As you have the chance, I’d love for you to read and respond to my review, here –

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