Two new books for the Soul Catcher series

I’m happy to announce I have finished two more books in the Soul Catcher series. Book #5 is called Freedom From the Evil Dead and book #6, is called The Evil Next Door. Neither have been published before.

I never thought I’d have six books in this series, but I was inspired last December. Jeremy has always been one of my favorite characters. I needed to bring my bold and frisky demon┬áback. And I believe I have in the best way possible.

I sent FFED to my publisher and hope to hear from them in the next month. After I finish edits on The Evil Next Door, I’ll send it off to my publisher. I’m hopeful to have all six books available by the end of this year. The first four are already contracted. As soon as I get release dates, I will share them.

Thank you for being patient. Read on my fellow PNR and UF lovers!

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